Polyurethane Products

Agricultural Industry

The need for durable and robust products within the agriculture industry has risen as a result of the technologies made available and in light of this the use of polyurethane products throughout the industry has increased significantly. The nature of polyurethane products lends itself specifically to rugged hard wearing and easily deployable need for products within the industry. The industry itself demands reliable and robust products ensuring component failure is kept to a minimal during the busy harvesting and processing schedules where downtime of equipment can result in a total failure of the harvest.

Polyurethane Products UK manufacture and provide a number of solutions to the industry ranging from specific harvesting equipment to animal feed solutions and common machinery components. Below is a non exhaustive list of the solutions and applications we can offer products to within the industry.

  • Pulleys, wheels and casters
  • Spacers and bushes
  • Hoppers and seeding components
  • Flow lines, piping and nozzles 
  • Troughs and feed equipment
  • Rollers and conveyors