Polyurethane Products

Health and Medical Sectors

Polyurethanes are used in many medical devices, and their usage continues to grow. They are often chosen because they can fulfill product requirements that cannot be met by other biomedical materials. Their biocompatibility and unique chemistry and processing make them ideal for numerous medical applications.

Polyurethanes are used in a myriad of applications, including encapsulants for hollow-fiber devices, dip-molded gloves and balloons, asymmetric membranes, functional coatings, and profile extrusions for catheters. With improvements in biostability continuing and new applications emerging at an increasing rate, polyurethanes are becoming more common in medical devices. Below is a non exhaustive list of some of the applications Polyurethane Products UK have provided to the medical and health industries.

  • Dip moulded gloves
  • Surgical balloons
  • Catheter extrusion profiles
  • Equipment housing and casing
  • Trolley wheels and casters
  • Bumpers and protective paneling