Polyurethane Products

Oil & Gas Industry

With a significant need for product reliability and overall product quality in light of the risks and dangers associated with the deep water offshore environments, Polyurethane Products UK has a vast amount of experience in providing products to this specific sector.  

Applications within the offshore oil and gas industry are vast with product ranging from cable and umbilical protection systems, termination bend stiffeners, j-tube sealing systems and clamping solutions to deep water composite syntactic buoyancy modules engineered to withstand high volume hydrostatic pressures. Below is a list of some of the products we supply to this specific sector. 

  • Bend Restrictors and Bend Stiffeners 
  • Piggy back clamps
  • Pipe in pipe containment seals
  • Hose and flange protection
  • Cable protection ducting
  • Standard and deep water syntactic buoyancy
  • J-tube and J-tubeless seals