Polyurethane Products

Renewable Energy Sectors

With the huge increase in both inland and offshore wind farms, the renewable sectors has seen a significant need for the use of polyurethane components and materials within almost all aspects of the sector. Polyurethane Products UK has a huge amount of experience both working within and supplying products to the renewable energy sectors with a specific experience in supplying the offshore aspects of the industry and the challenges places by the said environment.  

Below is a small selection of the components and systems Polyurethane Products UK has experience in providing to the onshore and offshore renewables sector. 

  • Bend stiffeners and bend restrictors
  • J-tube and J-tubeless sealing systems
  • Cable protection ducting
  • Bungs and sealing solutions
  • Piggyback clamps
  • Bumpers and fenders
  • Buoyancy modules