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Concept Polyurethane complete shoe developed

Concept Polyurethane complete shoe developed

A single shoe is generally useless without the other one – but not in the case of the "Pure". This concept shoe is for the left foot only, and has never been half of a pair. The Pure is a concept shoe made of 100-percent polyurethane. It was developed to show the wide range of applications for our materials - as such, the Pure is not designed as a specific shoe, but rather as a communication tool. A striking object that is easy to touch and experience, it illustrates the many different applications for innovative polyurethane (PU) solutions in footwear.  


This concept shoe is in its third generation already. With the Pure 1.2 Balance, BASF shows a concept with high-performance polyurethane products based on renewable raw materials. These are made from bio-based polyols with a bio-carbon content of up to 60 percent. Pure, the sustainable all-round talent, will still not be available in shops as a pair. But its innovative solutions will definitely be present. Components from all three generations of the concept shoe are already being used today in many sports, leisure, and safety shoes of well-known brands. - See more at: http://www.polyurethanes.basf.us/news/read/cat/polyurethanesnews/page/2/title/basf-develops-pure-polyurethane-concept-shoe#sthash.ccSmB7hw.dpuf



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